Vxx options strategies

Vxx options strategies

Compare the trend with price action on popular index futures contracts, including the SP and Nasdaq A Flawed Starting Point? This is not the Black Scholes model , in other words, and it really needs to be emphasized that the VIX is all about "implied" volatility. Accordingly, this is much more a measure of future volatility and it tends to be a much less volatile play on volatility. What's more, because volatility is a mean-reverting phenomenon, VXX often trades higher than it otherwise should during periods of low present volatility pricing in an expectation of increased volatility and lower during periods of high present volatility pricing a return to lower volatility. While profiting from these instruments requires sophisticated skills, the payoff is worth the effort, especially when volatility is trending strongly, higher or lower.

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Great Little VXX Bearish Volatiliy Option Trade

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Vxx options strategies

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