Department of foreign affairs and trading

Department of foreign affairs and trading

External Affairs and International Trade Canada, as it was known from , underwent further evolutions in the late s as budget constraints made it necessary to redefine the work of the department around "core functions. American actions in Vietnam and Cambodia and its prosecution of the Cold War made foreign entanglements unattractive, and the department came under fire for its association with the Western military-industrial complex. The department became the hub of MIDDLE POWER diplomacy, denoting energetic engagement in the international sphere in support of alliance solidarity as well as a stable international system underscored by the rule of law. The overarching objective is to promote and protect Canada's interests and values abroad. Instabilities, civil wars and armed conflicts that accompanied the end of the Cold War also called upon DFAIT's energies, as did wider security issues such as resource scarcity, environmental degradation, mass migration, poor governance and erosion of human rights and welfare. With changing international circumstances and domestic preoccupations such as national unity, the bloom soon went off the rose of the "Golden Age" of Canadian diplomacy.

Department of foreign affairs and trading

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