Tick based volume forex

Tick based volume forex

Forex tick volume can be read as an accurate indicator of institutional or Smart Money strength 3. Why is volume important to understand? And as you will see in a bit, it can lend important clues in developing an overall understanding of the direction that price is trading in. This indicators shows us volume in a to range where 0 represents the median volume value and and represent the lowest and highest volume values during the past X periods. With Forex it is important to understand that tick volumes are still just a proxy for real volumes and your competitive edge in the market cannot be built upon proxy indicators for true momentum. In previous articles of mine, we have discussed how to interpret the above-mentioned elements. Here are its primary advantages:

Tick based volume forex

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Fooled more on trading breakouts here. In close articles of mine, we have limited how to turn the above-mentioned neat. Admiringly go to these trades for detailed and in-depth independence:


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