Best stock trading platform for mac

Best stock trading platform for mac

Stockfolio not only supports tracking of stocks but also one of the only trading apps for Mac that features decent support for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. You can receive alerts for stock and portfolio tracking, can connect to your bank account and is also integrated with the iPad and iPhone version of StockMarketEye. Tradable looks as good as any stock market software available for Mac and harnesses the power of other trading tools to enhance its use. There is also no need to invest into pricy parallels desktop application as well - get MetaTrader for Mac with Admiral Markets now! Although this software has been designed to run on Mac and any PC the interface and its features clearly make it more compatible with Mac. In , ETrade bought online trading platform OptionsHouse in an attempt to compete better in derivatives trading but the company has pretty much maintained most of the original OptionsHouse features and interface.

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